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FT Eval Alerts

Date ​Number Documents
​10/29/2019​2019-01Kronos Free Text for Comments (DMVA, DHS and PGCB Only)
01/19/2018​ ​2018-01 Supervisory access in Workforce Timekeeper (DMVA, DHS and PGCB Only)
​11/30/2016 ​2016-01 New Full Time Evaluation Message (DOC, DMVA, and DHS only)
07/23/2015​ ​2015-03 ​SAP Updated to Reflect a Time Contract Change for UGSOA (BU R1/R2) for contract period 9/1/2014 through 8/31/2017 - (DMVA Only)
0​6/11/2015 ​2015-02 SAP Configuration Updated to Correct Auto Adjust Errors Involving Higehr Class and Long Day/Short Day (PLCB Only)
​02/18/2015 ​2015-01 Inconsistent Payment of Holiday Premium Pay on Scheduled and OT Shifts in SAP (DMVA, DHS & PGCB Only)
12/18/2014​ ​2014-03 Incorrect Payment of Shift Differential on Overtime Shifts When the Overtime is Connected to the Regular Work Shift (start/end time not on the quarter hour) (DHS & DMVA Only)
0​5/15/2012 ​2012-02 Premium Codes Associated with Absences (DOT Only)
​12/12/2011 ​2011-08 A7 and A8 Time Evaluation Errors (DOT Only)
​12/07/2011 ​2011-07 ​New PLCB Job Classification
​11/30/2017 ​2011-05 Updates to the FTE Indicator Via PO13 (DMVA, PGCB, DHS and DOC Only) (REVISED)
​07/26/2011 ​2011-04 Revised - New Full  Time Evaluation Error Messages
02/10/2011​ ​2011-02 Configuration change involving overtime for Pay Range 09 (DOT Only)
​02/08/2011 ​2011-01 Time and one-quarter for hours worked on the third and subsequent consecutive weekends (DPW full time evaluation facilities)
​12/13/2010 ​2010-07 Attendance and Absence Overlap for Nursing Staff Using Labor Distribution
​09/22/2010 ​2010-03 Higher Class (HC) Differential Pay Automated for Eligible Paid Absences (DPW and DMVA Full Time Evaluation Facilities)
​09/22/2010 ​2010-02 ​Compensatory Time can be Earned in Lieu of Pay for Insufficient Time (IT6) (DPW and DMVA Full Time Evaluation Facilities)
​09/22/2010 ​2010-01 Modified Duty Work Related (MDWR) is Now a Valid FTE Attendance Type on CATS (DPW and DMVA Full Time Evlauation Facilities)