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Nursing Parents Rooms

To accommodate employees who are nursing parents and who wish to express milk while at work, the following is a listing of Nursing Parents' Rooms that have been established by agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction in their Central Office locations. 

If you work in a building that is not in the listing below or you do not have badge access/security clearance to the room or floor where the Nursing Parents Room is located, you may contact your agency's Human Resource Office for information on Nursing Parents Rooms or contact the Governor's Office of Administration, Bureau of Workforce Support at 717.787.8575 or

​1 Penn Center
​2nd Floor (off lobby to left of security guard station)
​333 Market Street
​11th Floor
​Agriculture Building
​Ground Floor (next to cafeteria)
​CAB Building, 901 North 7th Street
​3rd Floor
​DOC HQ, 1920 Technology Park
​Room 210
​Finance Building
​Ground Floor (behind Ladies Restroom) and Room 316F
​​Forum Building
​Rooms 216, 327, 422 and 519 ​
​Forum Place
​5th and 9th Floors
​Health & Welfare Building
​2nd and 10th Floors (behind freight elevator)
​HUB, 2525 N 7th Street
​Rooms 123 and 124
​Keystone Building
​5th Floor, East
​L&I Building
​1st Floor, East Corridor
​Main Capitol
​Basement, Room B61
​North Office Building
​Basement Level (Ladies Restroom Alcove)
​Northwest Office Building
​Room B-9
​PEMA HQ, 1310 Elmerton Avenue
​Room 124
​PSP HQ, 1800 Elmerton Avenue
​1st Floor (by East Entrance) 
​Rachel Carson State Office Building
​2nd Floor, Northeast Corner
​Strawberry Square, Revenue Tower
​11th Floor

Further information on Nursing Parents Rooms can be found in Human Resources Policy, HR-WS001, which applies to all departments, offices, boards, commissions, and councils under the Governor’s jurisdiction for human resources management.