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Complement Management

Your agency has a maximum complement, which is the maximum number of salaried positions your agency may have at any given time.  The Office of the Budget establishes the complement number. 
Your agency may also have an authorized number of wage positions, which are not counted toward the maximum salaried complement.  The Office of Administration monitors the wage complement and grants approval to increase or decrease the wage complement number.

To run reports about your agency’s complement, use SAP transactions:
  • Y_DC1_32000624 – Returns a listing of filled/vacant positions for the SAP Fund code entered
  • Y_DC1_32000247 – Displays a view of the overall complement for the specified agency

Salary Complement

Salaried positions are those with a regular and predictable work schedule for a period over 6 months. Management Directive 505.2 Salaried Complement Management System sets the policies that mandate salaried complement management. Use the CAR-S to submit changes to your agency salaried complement. 

Wage Complement

Wage positions are those with a regular work schedule not exceeding 6 months, or a work schedule that is irregular without regard to the duration of employment.  Management Directive 505.20 Wage Complement Management and Control sets the policy that mandates wage complement management. Use the CAR-W to submit changes to your agency wage complement.  


Wage Position Extensions    

To check expiration dates on existing wage positions, use the Wage Complement Management Database. (Save the database before executing.)

Annuitant positions should be extended based on the calendar year, while all other wage positions should be extended based on the fiscal year.  Please refer to the process below to request date extensions for all wage positions (including annuitant positions).

  • From the E-PAR form, use Position Action – Other-Please Explain - Pos Extension. Attach a spreadsheet to the E-PAR listing the positions to be reviewed.
  • Once the original request has been reviewed and approved the E-PAR will be routed to the appropriate HR Service Center rep who will update SAP.
If either a salary or wage complement increase has been approved, use the E-PAR to submit a "Create a Position" transaction to the HR Service Center.

Contact Us 

Contact OA-Organization Management, Salary Administration Division (717.783.8141) if you have questions about complement management in your agency.