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Enterprise Position / Personnel Action Request (E-PAR)

The E-PAR system allows personnel and position action requests to be initiated, routed, documented and completed using a paperless process. A request submitted through the system is also referred to as an E-PAR.  

E-PAR Instructions

You can find full instructions below on how to complete various types of E-PARs.  

Instructions for each specific type of request are also available in the corresponding E-PAR form.  Look for the Need Help? link next to the form name.


General Guides

E-PAR Action Quick Reference Guides 

Choose the action type below for a quick overview on how to submit your specific type of E-PAR.  This will ensure you provide all necessary information for processing.  

Other – Please Explain (Position) 

Other – Please Explain (Employee) 


When 10 or more personnel actions are required to be entered at one time, agencies are encouraged to utilize this form and attach it to a single E-PAR action.  See Agency Mass E-PAR Submission Guide link below.


Log into one of the below reporting tools to view the current status of your agency’s E-PARs.


For questions about the E-PAR system, contact the HR Service Center at 877.242.6007.

Contact your agency’s IT staff regarding log-on errors. Agency IT staff may submit a Help Desk ticket using the category: HR Application Support and type: E-PAR for assistance with additional issues.