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​ Reorganization

Reorganization requests at the division level and above are reviewed by OA-Organization Management and approved by the Executive Board.
OA reviews requests to ensure changes will result in streamlined operations, reduced costs, and improved services, while following proper organization structuring concepts and staying within budget. Requests are approved in the form of Executive Board Resolutions.
Management Directive 260.1 Organization Requests provides a comprehensive description of the process your agency should follow to submit a reorganization request. STD-290 form must be included in your request packet. 
Use OrgPub​lisher to draft new organization charts for your agency or to view the current structure of your organization. Use the OrgPublisher PowerPoint to provide training within your agency. If you have any questions on using the software, you can contact the General Government IT Delivery Center at 877.242.6007, Option 4.  Find out more about OrgPublisher
Use the EBR website to look up Executive Board Resolutions and contact OA-Organization Management at 717.787.8838 for additional support with reorganization requests for your agency.