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OrgPublisher is a tool used by agency HR offices to view dynamic organization charts for their entire agency.

A nightly data interface from SAP keeps these charts current with HR-specific information for the entire department. Field HR office users also will see department-wide data. The agency-wide organization charts provide quick access to the position description, SAP role assignments, cost distribution, and job specification for each position within the department.

Users can also download a static copy of their agency charts and manipulate, modify, or create new charts for organizational management or planning purposes.

Basic Requirements

  • Must have the OrgPublisher plug-in installed * (OrgPublisher 7.5 Client Suite; available on the main OrgPublisher page)
  • Must have one of the following roles:
    • Benefits Advisor
    • EEO Advisor
    • Employee Relations Advisor
    • Employment Advisor
    • HR Administration Viewer
    • HR Administration Advisor 
    • HR/Payroll Reporter
    • HR Service Rep
    • HR Workflow Coordinator
    • Org Management Advisor
    • Safety Advisor
    • Time Advisor 
    • Workers Compensation Advisor

*OrgPublisher Plug-in 

If an employee with one of the role assignments listed above is having trouble accessing the system, the OrgPublisher plug-in may not be installed.  If a red “X” is visible at the top left of the screen when attempting to access the agency chart, the plug-in is missing.  The agency’s IT staff should install the plug-in (OrgPublisher 7.5 Client Suite) available on the OrgPublisher main page under “Downloads.”

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For questions about OrgPublisher, please submit a HR/Payroll Help Desk ticket using the "HR Application Support" category and "OrgPublisher Org Charts" type.