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​​ State Employee Assistance Program (SEAP) 800.692.7459 

The State Employee Assistance Program (SEAP) is a free assessment and referral service that is designed to assist commonwealth employees and their family members in resolving a wide variety of personal problems that may lead to deteriorating employee job performance. SEAP offers services related to substance abuse, mental health issues, family issues, financial issues, legal services, and mediation.    

Policies related to the program and protocols for use of SEAP services are described in Management Directive 505.22 State Employee Assistance Program and Management Directive 505.25 Substance Abuse in the Workplace.

Services for Agencies

SEAP can help agencies to manage issues in the workplace, through:
  • Critical incident stress debriefings following traumatic workplace incidents to assist employees in dealing with the resulting emotional stress.                 
  • Employer -based referrals. An agency, with OA approval, can require an employee to access SEAP services or face employment consequences. Those situations include a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) referral, an Independent Psychological Evaluation (IPE), a licensed Professional Referral (LPR), a Department of Corrections drug/alcohol referral, a Department of Human Services drug/alcohol referral, Self Disclosure Referral, and a condition of continued employment (COCE).
Refer to the SEAP manual for more information on these services and how to make an employer based referral.

Tools & Resources

Contact Information

  • 800.692.7459: Employee Calls
  • 800.824.4306: TTY Employee Calls
  • 800.662.9206: Management or Union Consultations
OA-Workplace Support is available to assist and can be contacted at 717.787.8575 or