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FMLA & SPF Absences

FMLA/SPF Absence is a paid or unpaid absence from work with benefits due to the serious health condition of an employee, the serious health condition of a qualifying family member when the employee is attending to the medical needs of the family member, or for the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child.

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The following certifications are to be completed by the health care provider only. NOTE: Please consult with your agency FMLA/SPF Coordinator to determine eligibility before printing the forms.


The following are notices that explain your rights and entitlements to FMLA.


Completed by the employee to request an FMLA/SPF Absence.  The completed request form is submitted to the agency FMLA/SPF Coordinator.

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OA-HR Service Center,Absence Services is available to assist with FMLA/SPF program questions and can be contacted at and 717.346.4667.