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​Performance Reviews

Each agency administers an employee performance review program. Agencies ensure that:

  • Evaluation forms are distributed and completed.
  • Performance standards and expectations are communicated.
  • Managers and supervisors understand how to integrate the process with other programs such as recruitment/placement, recognition, and discipline.

Reporting Requirements

Agencies monitor the timely completion of performance reviews, provide training, and advise management of compliance problems. Timeliness and completion reports are to be sent to the OA by April 1st of each year.

Performance Review Forms

The employee performance review (EPR) System, Form 363L is used for all employees under the Governor's jurisdiction, including management, supervisory, and rank and file. The EPR factor links explain each rating factor and the rating scale, and give instructions on completing the form. accessible version of the EPR Form 363L and instructions for screen reader users also available.

Groups of employees with distinct performance review systems include:

Optional Forms to Adapt for Agency Use

Employee Performance Review Database

The database provides the means for agencies to determine upcoming employee performance reviews that are due each month. 


EPR training may be provided to supervisors by the agency or OA. OA sponsored sessions on the system are listed in the Commonwealth University (CU) Course Catalog.