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Hiring Employees: Additional Information

Approval to Appoint with Criminal Convictions

See Management Directive 515.15 for information regarding the commonwealth’s policy on appointing employees with criminal records. If a job applicant has a criminal history, your agency must request approval to hire the employee prior to the final selection.
Use the Approval to Appoint online application to submit your request. Contact the HR Service Center, Business Information and Support Division (877.242.6007, Option 4) for assistance.

Supplementary Employment

A common statement you may hear at orientation is “I also have a second job.” Supplementary employment, or a second job outside the commonwealth, is acceptable in some circumstances. Check out Management Directive 515.18 for the commonwealth’s rules regarding supplementary employment.  

Employees are required to request and receive approval for Supplementary Employment prior to accepting a second job or continuing to work in a second job. Approval should be requested by completing and submitting the request form below.
Contact OA-Employee Relations and Workforce Support (717.787.5514) for assistance with supplementary employment policy questions. 

Dual Employment

When an employee has two jobs with the commonwealth, that is considered dual employment. See Management Directive 525.11 for the commonwealth’s rules regarding dual employment. The STD-338 form can be used by supervisors who want to request approval for dual employment. 

Contact Us

For questions about hiring-related transactions, contact the HR Service Center at 877.242.6007. For all other hiring issues, contact OA-Human Resources' Bureau of Classification & Compensation at 717.783.8141.