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Electronic Official Personnel File (e-OPF)

About E-OPF

Your agency HR office is required to establish and maintain electronic official personnel files (e-OPFs) for all employees.  The e-OPF will be maintained and managed through SAP.  Refer to Management Directive 505.18 for policy information.
The rights to view e-OPF documents by human resource office staff are inherited through a combination of SAP structural authorization and OPF roles which grant access to document groups.  Additionally, employees and supervisors have the ability to access e-OPF documents via ESS/SSS once the document has been certified through the certification process.
Paper OPF’s should no longer be created/maintained for employees.


Abledoc is the web-based software needed to upload files to e-OPFs.  Each agency HR Office is required to purchase and renew at least one Abledoc license on a yearly basis.  Each license will be assigned to one CWOPA user and cannot be shared from one person to another.
Agency HR staff can view the e-OPF of an active employee in another agency who is a candidate for a vacant position in the interviewing agency.  This process requires the interviewing agency to work with the losing agency to gain permission to the employee’s e-OPF.
Information regarding the candidate and the e-OPF reviewer will be gathered by the interviewing agency representative and provided to the HR Service Center.  The SAP roles assigned to the e-OPF reviewer’s position will determine which documents belonging to the candidate are visible.
Agencies may request access by contacting the HR Service Center, Agency Services and Operations at 877.242.6007, option #1.  Agencies can use the e-OPF Candidate Review Request Form as guidance to collect and record information required when contacting the HR Service Center.
Agency HR staff can view the e-OPFs of separated employees from other agencies provided they have an appropriate OPF viewer role and the Z_DEF_POS PD profile.  Role assignments and the addition of the PD profile can be requested by submitting an ‘Update Roles’ E-PAR

Certification Process

Employees and supervisors can access e-OPF documents online via ESS/SSS.  All documents in an employee’s e-OPF must first be certified in SAP prior to being displayed in ESS/SSS.  A certified document indicates that it pertains to the correct employee and has been filed under the appropriate document type.  HR employees who are assigned one or more OPF role with update capabilities will have the ability to certify related e-OPF documents.

Review/Purge of e-OPFs

All e-OPFs should still be reviewed and manually purged according to the records retention schedule.  HR employees who are assigned one or more OPF roles with update capabilities will have the ability to purge related e-OPF documents.  Employees should continue to be notified prior to the information being purged from the e-OPF.

 Please stay tuned for more information regarding automated purging functionality, to be implemented at a later date.


Contact Us

For questions about e-OPF, please submit a HR/Payroll Help Desk ticket using the "Abledoc/e-OPF" category.