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Communicable & Other Infectious Diseases

This program is to ensure that commonwealth agencies are provided with accurate and up-to-date information on communicable and infectious diseases. OA-Workplace Support serves as a resource for agencies as they provide guidance and education to their employees regarding interaction with co-workers, members of the public, and/or clients with communicable/infectious diseases. Commonwealth employees who receive education and information about communicable/infectious diseases, including information on medical, safety, public service, legal and employment issues, can influence the spread of the disease, provide better quality care and services to persons with an communicable/infectious disease, and respond effectively to discrimination and confidentiality matters.
Communicable/infectious diseases include (but are not limited to) anthrax, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, SARS, and tuberculosis.  Through education, employee misconceptions and fear about communicable/infectious diseases can be reduced, to ensure that commonwealth employees are prepared to work effectively with members of the public, clients, and co-workers with or perceived to have communicable/infectious diseases, and to minimize disruption to the workplace. 

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