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Cancellations and Accommodations


Commonwealth University (CU): Courses must be approved by the latest possible booking date, which is one week prior to the course date for “no-cost” courses, three weeks prior for “cost” courses.

If the course is not approved by 10 pm on the latest possible booking date, the training request will be rejected and the employees’ name will be removed from the roster. A notification will be sent to the employee and the employees’ supervisor with the subject “WF LSO BOOKING REJ” and rejection reason code “008 - No approval action taken.”

 Please be aware that agencies will still be charged for the cost of the course if employees fail to attend or cancel participation within 15 business days prior to the course start date.  In some instances, agencies may choose to send a replacement if an employee is unable to attend on the scheduled date.  If agencies choose to send a replacement, OA-Talent Development must be notified via email at  This notification must occur no later than the day before the course is presented in order to adjust the course roster and the agency billing.  Please call 717.787.3813 with questions.


If you require an ADA accommodation to participate in an OA sponsored training event, please contact OA-Talent Development at 717-787-3813.