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Separating Employees

Act 71 of 2018, Civil Service Reform, provides information regarding the separation of employees from the classified service.  Use the separation roles and responsibilities overview to understand what your role is within the agency HR office and how your responsibilities intersect with the HR Service Center.
Provide utilize the checklists for separating employees and supervisors of separating employees to be sure that everything is properly addressed prior to the separation date, such as closing out time sheets and talking with the State Employee Retirement System (SERS).
Prior to separation from the commonwealth, agency HR offices should provide voluntarily separating employees with an exit mobility survey


Employees should speak with a SERS representative (800.633.5461) to discuss their retirement options. 
Provide your employees the opportunity to estimate their leave payouts.
See more information about retirement projection.


Check the Unemployment Compensation Administrative Manual (MD 530.9) for information related to your agency’s responsibilities under the unemployment compensation program.

Employees should be provided with a UC-1609 form upon separation for any reason.  This form provides information to assist the employee in filing for UC benefits if they choose to file. 
The fastest and most convenient way to file for unemployment is at  Provide a paper application to separating employees who do not have Internet access at home.   Completed applications may be mailed or faxed to the address/phone number provided on the application.  Employees should not call the UC service center to apply unless that is the only method available to them.  If this is the case, they can call 888.313.7284 (888.334.4046 - TDD).
Contact OA-HR Service Center, Absence Services at 717.346.4667 with questions.


Questions regarding furloughs should be directed to your furlough point of contact in OA-Human Resources' Bureau of Labor Relations (717.787.5514).

Employee Death

Survivor Assistance Worksheet - The supervisor or agency HR office must complete this worksheet and submit it with the separation E-PAR to the HR Service Center. 

Other Terminations

Termination is generally the result of progressive disciplinary action, unsatisfactory performance, or serious policy violations. For more information on when and how to separate an employee, check out:  

Contact Us

For questions about separations-related transactions, contact the HR Service Center at 877.242.6007. For all other questions about separations, e-mail ​