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Classification & Compensation

The commonwealth is committed to providing equitable salaries and wages to all employees, within the limits of accountability and fiscal responsibility. To achieve these goals, the commonwealth uses a position classification system to ensure pay equity. There are official pay rules that govern salary placement and compensation actions for employees and officers under the Governor’s jurisdiction.


For the majority of commonwealth employees, pay is determined based on the level and complexity of the work assigned to their positions.  Most positions are allocated to a job classification, which is assigned to a pay scale group on an appropriate pay scale type (pay schedule).
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Classification & Pay Plan, Pay Schedules 

All job titles currently in use by agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction and the corresponding pay scale group assigned to each title are available through the online version of the classification and pay plan
Each job in the classification and pay plan is assigned to a pay schedule (pay scale type) and pay scale group within the schedule.  Most pay scale group assignments are on the Standard schedule. The assignment of jobs to other pay schedules listed below is based on the specific nature of the work or collective bargaining. 
  Historic copies of the standard pay schedule are available from: 2017 2016, 2014, 20132012, 2010, 2009, 20082006, 2005, 2003, 2002, 2001                

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For questions about pay-related transactions, contact the HR Service Center at 877.242.6007. For all other classification or compensations questions, contact OA-Organization Management at 717.787.8838.