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Political Activity

Guidelines for Political Activity exist for employees under the Governor’s jurisdiction and public officials appointed by the Governor.

Additionally, if a senior level executive employee is asked to advise any political campaign, they should adhere to the following guidance: 
  • Before accepting a request to participate as an advisor to, or part of an advisory team for, a candidate for public office, senior employees should first notify their agency head. A description of the activity should be included. Agency heads should confer with the Governor’s Office before permitting senior level employees to participate in advisory team activity or before participating as an advisor themselves.
  • Under no circumstances may any campaign literature or public announcement describe senior level employees as an advisor to or a member of an advisory team for (or equivalent role for) a campaign for public office.
Work with your chief counsel to address additional concerns.  Contact Talene Shaffer at 717.775.8474​ with HR-related concerns.