Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Employee Mobility Information Program

New Hire Entrance Survey

To be completed by newly hired, permanent employees in agencies under the Governorís jurisdiction.


This is not the actual form.

Welcome to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  As a new employee you are in a position to provide valuable information as to why you chose the Commonwealth as your employer.  The Commonwealth will use the information gathered in these types of surveys to enhance current recruitment and retention efforts which can benefit all Commonwealth operations and employees.  The information contained in this survey is confidential unless the information disclosed reveals harassment or other illegal or discriminatory activity.  Reports of such activities will be provided to the proper authorities for investigation.

Part 1:  Job-Related Questions

How did you find out about Commonwealth employment?  (Please select all that apply.)

  Civil Service Website  
  Bureau of State Employment (Non-Civil Service) Website  
  Agency Website  
  Friend/Relative (Non-State Employee)  
  Current State Employee  
  CareerLink Office  
  Job Fair (Please Specify)
  Newspaper/Magazine Advertisement (Please Specify)
  Online Advertisement (Please Specify)
  Other (Please Specify)

Of the factors listed below as reasons for choosing the Commonwealth as an employer, please rank in order up to five factors that influenced your decision, with factor #1 being the most important, factor #2 the second most important, etc. 

Factors for choosing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as your employer:   


Health Care/Benefits

  Retirement Benefits

Job Security/Stability

  Career Change

Promotional Opportunities

  Limited/Lack of Private Sector Jobs

First Available Position/Offer

  Organization/Agency Mission

Type and/or Variety of Work

  Location of Work Site

Working Conditions

  Work Hours/Schedule

Vacation and Holiday Leave

  Training/Development Opportunities

Gain New/Expand Work Experience

  Effective Management

Equal Opportunity Employer

  Interest in Public Service
  Other (Please Specify)

Statewide Job/Relocation Opportunities

Factor # 1


Factor # 2


Factor # 3


Factor # 4


Factor # 5

Part 2:  Commonwealth Employment Selection System

What is your highest level of education? 

If you attained post-high school education, which of the following categories most closely identifies your major course of study? 

How would you describe your new position with the Commonwealth?

   Please tell us if you are a:

   Civil Service Employee  Non-Civil Service Employee

Please respond to the following questions based on your Civil Service or Non-Civil Service status.

     Rate the ease of the employment application process.
        Very Easy        Easy        Difficult       Very Difficult
     Rate the ease of the employment interview.
  Very Easy       Easy         Difficult        Very Difficult
     How satisfied are you with the length of time it took to receive the job offer?
  Highly Satisfied      Satisfied        Dissatisfied        Highly Dissatisfied

How long did the process take from the time you submitted the application to take the Civil Service examination or submitted your resume for the non-Civil Service position to the time you actually received the formal job offer?

    Less than 1 Month

    Between 1 and 3 Months

    Between 3 and 6 Months

    Between 6 and 9 Months

    Between 9 and 12 Months

    Greater than 12 Months

     For Civil Service employees, did you use the online automated application process?   
Yes   No
     For Civil Service employees, rate the ease of the examination process.
        Very Easy        Easy          Difficult          Very Difficult
     If you selected 'Difficult' or 'Very Difficult' for any of the questions above, please explain:
Part 3:  Additional Comments

What additional comments, suggestions, and/or recommendations do you have regarding your experience thus far as a Commonwealth employee?