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One of the main responsibilities of an equal opportunity officer is to investigate complaints of discrimination from employees. Employees may file a complaint with the EO officer of the agency where the alleged discrimination occurred if they believe that they have been subjected to discrimination because of:
  • Race
  • Color
  • Religious creed
  • Ancestry
  • Union membership
  • Age  
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity or expression
  • National origin
  • AIDS or HIV status
  • Disability
 There is no legal requirement that complaints be in writing, but the complainant may be asked to do so. 
The agency EO officer leads the investigation on internal complaints. MD 410.10 has detailed guidance on how to investigate and resolve internal discrimination complaints.  Every complaint must taken seriously and investigated.  Depending upon the specific allegations, an investigation may be conducted on a formal or informal basis. Complaint reports must be compiled and submitted to OA-Equal Employment Opportunity each quarter.
Whenever a complaint or action is filed in any court or outside agency, the investigation must be transferred to the agency chief counsel.