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Paid Parental Leave - New Quota/Absence Type Created (Revised)
Attachment: Paid Parental Leave Guide (Revised)
2020-01​FMLA Reporting Time Type 5151 Updated
​06/07/2019​2019-01FMLA Entitlement in SAP/ESS Updated
​12/23/2015 ​2015-03

Processing of Holiday Absences and Holiday Quota Corrections during Periods of SPF Absence
Attachment: Run Time Evaluation Messages Display Report for A1 and A2
Attachment: Run Time Evaluation Messages Display Report for B1 and B2

​2015-02 Workflow for Absence Type "SL" (Pd-H1-Sick L/T Emp  Ill) will now route to the SPF Coordinator for the final approval (DOC and DHS Only)
​05/12/2015 ​2015-01 PSCOA (BU H1) Transition from SPF to FMLA and Cutover Actions Required

Updated Leave Donation Procedures
Attachment: Procedures for Leave Donation Program

​04/20/2010 ​2010-01 Linked SPF Absences Can No Longer Be Locked, Deleted or Changed
​12/03/2009 ​2009-11 Reminder:  Do Not Lock Linked SPF Absence Records
​08/26/2009 ​2009-09 Locking SPF Absence Records on IT2001
​03/05/2009 ​2009-06 System Problem Involving SPF Absences That Span Multiple Days
​02/26/2009 ​2009-04 Unpaid SPF Absences Can No Longer Be Deleted From IT2001
​02/25/2009 ​2009-03 Entitlement Recalculation Problem Discovered
​09/12/2008 ​2008-07 Systems Problem Involving Deleted SPF Absence Records
05/02/2008​ ​2008-05 Changing FMLA Event Reason
​04/07/2008 ​2008-04 FMLA Workbench Manual Override Requests
​02/26/2008 ​2008-02 Information Related to Determining An Employee's Remaining SPF Entitlement Amount (Revised)
​02/26/2008 ​2008-01 Information Related to Locked Transactions