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Org Mgmt Alerts

Date ​Number Documents
​09/18/2019​2019-01SAP Upgrade for the Relationship Infotype (IT1001) on the Position, Organization, and Job
09/01/2017​ ​2017-01 New HR Delivery Center (HRDC) Org Chart
02/16/2016​ ​2016-01 New 24/7 Organization Indicator and Essential Position Task
​05/21/2015 ​2015-01 Standard Coding for Confidential Positions
​07/23/2014 ​2014-01 Importance of properly maintaining correct work addresses and ensuring addresses are updated for organizations and positions when reorganizations or office relocations occur
11/10/2009​ ​2009-03 There is a new field, FTE OT Indicator, on the Detailed Position Attributes infotype (IT9105)
​08/24/2009 ​2009-02 Importance of ensuring work address is updated when a reorganization or office relocation occurs
05/20/2009​ ​2009-01 Information regarding a new value code in the existing data element "Program Code" located on IT9105, Detail Position Attribute
​01/25/2008 ​2008-02 Information regarding new Financial Disclosure tasks
​01/22/2008 ​2008-01 IT1028, ST Main Address for Organizations and Positions
​08/23/2006 ​2006-07 Information regarding a new infotype, IT1028 (Address) Subtype Z001 (SRM Plant Address0 which is being maintained on each organization
​08/23/2006 ​2006-06 Information regarding the new SRM roles and security access to SRM
​02/02/2006 ​2006-03 Information regarding a new Budget Impasse Indicator located on IT9105, Detail Position Attribute
​12/21/2005 ​2005-02 Issues Related to the PA-PSA Cleanup and Object Cleanup Reports uploaded to the HR Error Reporting Tool
​03/14/2005 ​2005-01 Issues Related to the "Missing Elements on Position" Report
​02/27/2004 ​2004-02 OM PA Monitor Structural Authorization Assignment Report