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Recruiting & Filling Positions

Workplace Diversity

Before filling positions in your agency, take the time to complete the Recruiting Diversity in the Commonwealth online training course which focuses on establishing relationships with various organizations, developing a recruiting game plan, engaging prospective employees, and providing information to prospective employees, to ensure a diverse commonwealth workforce.
You can take this at your convenience by visiting LSO at > My Training and searching on “recruiting.” 
Read more about the commonwealth’s equal employment opportunity policies.

Recruitment Resources

Prior to filling a position, you may have to recruit for proper candidates.  Employment flyers are available to be printed at your agency. Other materials are available for you online in the Intra-Agency Library within PaPublisher and will be printed by DGS. Contact your agency purchasing agent to order these items.
Job seekers looking for information on state employment may be directed to
The State Civil Service Commission has information for agency HR professionals who handle recruitment available online. Go to and select the small key icon at the bottom right, then "HR Professionals." You must have permission to access the site. If you do not have access, have your IT staff contact the Civil Service Commission's IT staff.

Filling Positions

The Recruitment and Filling a Vacancy Overview can help you follow the proper steps for filling positions within your agency. 
Use the E-PAR application to submit your transaction to the OA, HR Service Center.
The Civil Service Act tells you what is required as part of a civil service job posting.
  • See Article V for information regarding the selection of employees and employees’ entrance to the classified service. 
  • See Article VI for information regarding the appointment and promotion of employees in the classified service.
Management Directive 515.10 provides more information about the selection and appointment of Non-Civil Service position. 
Contact the Civil Service Commission, Employment Services (717.787.1797) for more information about obtaining qualified applicants OR contact the OA, Bureau of State Employment (717.787.5703) for more information about the Non-Civil Service recruitment process. 
Contact the Civil Service Commission, Policy & Information Services (717.787.5855) for assistance with obtaining a civil service list and help posting positions.
See Management Directive 230.6 for information about travel-related expenses for job applicants.

Senior Level, Annuitants, Furlough Placement & Temporary Clerical Pool